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Cari Moskow
Oncology Trained Yoga for Cancer Teacher & Breast Cancer Survivor

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A cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest life-changing events you will ever face. I know how much strength it takes to get up every day to beat cancer.  I know how much work it takes to increase flexibility & to feel better in the body after surgery & chemotherapy. I know how stressful a cancer diagnosis is & how fatigue is a very real side effect. 
I also know how powerful the mind and body are and the amazing ability they possess to heal when given the right tools.  I am an Oncology Trained Yoga for Cancer Teacher and a Breast Cancer Survivor. 

I would love to guide and support you through every stage of your journey.
I would love to be your Breast Cancer Guide. 

You can book a one hour coaching session with me here and a package here. 

You can book a private yoga session with me as well, here!



Erin Weber
Breast Cancer Survivor

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the initial shock of cancer without Cari. I talked to her right after my diagnosis and she gave me sage advice that became my Bible for navigating my physical and mental health as I navigated my journey through chemo and ultimately through surgeries and after. She was incredibly generous with her time. Cari was very frank with me. She didn’t sugarcoat any of it. She gave me a realistic expectation and some techniques that helped give me a sense of control when I felt like everything was spinning out of control. If you are looking for somebody who is going to shoot straight with you and help you set yourself up for success Cari is the person to choose. Cari taught me how important it is to advocate for myself and to make sure that I did my research and didn’t just follow the advice of a single doctor. She gave me the confidence to get multiple opinions and then take the combined opinion and ask my doctor for a treatment that was not the norm. I am now five months cancer free after a complete response to the chemo. The additional treatment I requested, while physically taxing was a big contributor to my success.
Thank you Cari.... I will be forever grateful.


Would love to share these videos with you to guide you on journey. 


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Restorative Yoga Video
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When Breast Cancer Happens,  
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Kiki Mutis
Breast Cancer Survivor

A breast cancer diagnosis is never easy. The treatment also has its countless challenges. I am very grateful to have met Cari virtually, watched many of her videos, and attended her morning yoga warrior workshop.    The yoga, meditation, and self-care exercises empowered me to push-on through the day with warm, healing light.  It is not always easy to find the motivation, but I am so happy to have Cari be a part of my healing journey.  She is a wonderful mentor. 


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