Cari Moskow Breast Cancer Survivor

I Saved My Own Life with a Test.

You know that voice we all have, and sometimes listen to?

Well, mine told me to get the BRCA Gene Test. Many of my family members had tested positive for the mutation, and I had never been tested. I never got the test before because I have always been

healthy, I didn't know if insurance would cover the test, and I wasn't aware how high the risk

of getting breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer actually was.  I listened, and got the

BRCA Gene Test. The results came back, and I tested positive. To really stack the deck,

I already had cancer and no idea. 

I went to my first screening appointment with an oncologist and she felt a lump. After a couple of mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and an MRI, it turns out I had tumors in both breasts. The tumors were small, but they were there and it turns out, they were also aggressive. 


 My entire world stopped. I instantly dropped everything that I use to think was important and knew I had one new goal. It was to survive. I stopped going to acting class and auditions and started talking to doctors, reading online blogs, wellness books, and most importantly talking to other cancer patients.


I was my own advocate during this process and it took a lot of courgage & strength to not take everyone's advice, to question my doctors, and listen to that voice that guided me even when I didn't know why. All I knew is I had the will to survive, and love my body as much as I could.  I am proud to say the most important thing I have done in my life so far is I saved my own life. I have never put myself first before, and now I know the importance of self-care.