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Celery Me!

Since my cancer diagnosis, I have made food, supplements, and overall self-care a priority. I have been juicing on a regular basis since last June 2018 and my Aunt shared with me how powerful celery juice is! I then read about it on the the Medical Medium. What I love about celery juice: calms Inflammation, when taken on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning helps with digestion for the rest of the day, it has healing mineral salts, and can break down and flush out viruses!


When I purchase celery, I am buy organic. Step one, cut off the end and keep the leaves! Step two, wash celery by rinsing under water and allow to drain in a colander. Step 3, transfer to a bowl and bring if over to your juicer. Step 4, run the celery through the juicer twice so you don't leave any juice behind. Step 5, clean your juicer immediately so celery bits don't dry out and stick to it.


I remind myself, when I need motivation, my health is more important than anything else and my body will love me back when I love it.

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