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What no one says about self care

Updated: May 17, 2021

I want to start this conversation with some wise words....

Self-care isn't something you do to treat yourself once a week or once a month. It isn't a luxury. Self-Care is a priority. The WHO 1998 definition is:

‘Self-Care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness. It is a broad concept encompassing hygiene (general and personal), nutrition (type and quality of food eaten), lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure etc), environmental factors (living conditions, social habits, etc.) socio-economic factors (income level, cultural beliefs, etc.) and self-medication.’

What do I now do for self-care?

  1. I make sure I get enough sleep.

  2. I meditate daily.

  3. I eat enough of the good stuff such as superfoods, fruits, veggies, sustainable wild caught seafood, organic meat (small amount).

  4. I take a supplement that has changed my life. It has 12 servings of fruits & veggies plus, powerful antioxidants, plus much more! If you want to try, email me! Also, I love the way Dr. Axe talks about it, check it out here.

  5. I exercise and that includes yoga and cardio. It is recommended we get150 minutes of exercise weekly, especially for cancer survivors. Join me for a class to get your 150 minutes in!

  6. I take detox baths weekly. That involves epsom salt, doTERRA Essential Oils, Baking Soda, Peroxide.

  7. I go outside and walk without my phone. I do take my dogs and I look at all the leaves, listen to the birds, and look to discover something new each time. Sometimes I am multitasking with my phone and listening to a podcast or training but I make sure I leave my phone behind as well.

  8. I am constantly working on decluttering. I am very sensitive to energy and it is hard for me to feel free when papers, old clothes, and objects that no longer bring me joy pile up. I have an on-going donation bag, and I take it to goodwill when it fills up. When I see or touch something that doesn't bring me joy anymore, it goes in the bag!

  9. I use doTERRA Essential Oils. I have so many favorites and have so many ways to use them as self-care. They bring me joy, help me de-stress, help me sleep, detox and I clean with them. If you would like to learn more, email me and/or sign up for the waitlist for the next live essential oil class. I teach you to save money and go toxic free along with using them to de-stress. I also have a Facebook Group: Essential Oils for Self-Care. Please join!

  10. I check in with myself and listen. What do I need? How do I feel? I check in and I listen.

I could go on and on, but I really wanted to share this top 10 with you.

Comment below or message me and let me know what self care looks like (or feels like) for you. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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