Yoga 101, the

Very beginning

yoga class. 

Have you wanted to try yoga, but feel intimidated? Do you feel like you would benefit from learning yoga in a small group private class with other beginners?  

If so, Yoga 101 or 102 is for you! 


You will learn all the basic yoga postures, proper technique, breathwork & meditation. 



with subject line Yoga 101  Thurs Class or Yoga 102 Wed Class to let me know you are signing up and with any questions, you may have. 


New Class dates announced soon!

Recent Review: "The class series was wonderful! I felt comfortable and confident that Yoga 101 was the right class to take at my level. I learned a lot and made some progress. By the time class was over, it felt like the stress of the day had disappeared and it was very easy to relax for the rest of the evening. I can't wait to take more classes with you! John,  my husband, also took the series with me and enjoyed the classes just as much as I did! We have both been inspired to keep practicing." - Becky

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I created a class called Yoga 101, the Very Beginning Yoga Class. This class is inspired by you. When I look around in my classes, I see students that could benefit from a class that focuses on alignment & an understanding of when they could use a prop.  It is difficult to take the time needed in large group yoga class & that is why Yoga 101 is a semi-private class with 5 students max. We will go over basic yoga postures and I will teach you how and why you should be moving, holding, stretching, your foot, leg, arm, etc! Plus we will focus on breathwork & meditation. 

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