De-Stress and Stretch for a Good Night's Sleep

Yoga @ Home with Essential Oils

Thursdays 8pm March 4th- April 8th via zoom

Mar 11, 8:00 PM EST
Via Zoom
De-Stress and Stretch for a Good Night Sleep Close your eyes and take an inhale. Now imagine you are holding an essential oil and take another inhale. Now imagine you are on your yoga mat with an essential oil taking a class from the comfort of your home with me via zoom. It will be magical.

What Yogis Are Saying

Cari is an amazing yogi. I have been taking Cari's classes for about 5 years and it has brought me so much joy, as well as so many health benefits. I have had so many different yoga instructors through the years, but Cari is the absolute best! Her instructions are very clear and help me understand how to care for myself  and at the same time push myself to grow and accept physical challenges. I have never had an instructor that changes their sessions each time, which has helped me stay engaged, interested, challenged and focused. She gives excellent cues that help you tweak every pose to make it just what your body needs. Thanks to Cari, my flexibility and balance have improved tremendously. I have fewer aches and pains because of her guidance. - Lissa

Cari is very attentive to the various levels and abilities of her students.   I am always amazed at how she overcomes the virtual challenge of being able to see our movements and positions that look right or wrong via zoom and offer corrective guidance. Her overall demeanor is very calming and positive. When paired with her survival story, it is motivating, gives hope, and both shows & instills strength. - Colleen

Cari is great at connecting over Zoom - her teaching style is like a real class rather than a Zoom class. - Karen

Cari does a magnificent job of having a fresh new class every single time. It is never "routine" or "boring".  


In addition to the benefits of yoga, her consistently positive energy and words of affirmation make a difference in my workday and are consistent reminders to set aside the pressures of the job to take care of myself. - Jan


Cari is an exceptional teacher. I love her ability to pace her class in a way that feels safe in your body. I have lower back issues and she made me feel stable and taken care of as we explored a variety of poses. She has a way of immediately creating a calm, gentle, and loving environment. It's clear that Cari knows yoga on a deep level. She is generous in sharing her inspiring story and I love how she reminded us to breath along the way. She incorporated high quality essential oils which only added to the relaxing experience. I would recommend Cari to anyone and especially beginners since she is so good at teaching with clarity, steadiness, and kindness.- Brittany

De-Stress and Stretch for a Good Night's Sleep

Yoga @ Home with Essential Oils

Thursdays 8pm March 4th- April 8th via zoom

Weekly Evening Yoga Practice to De-Stress and Stretch for the best night's sleep ever!

Receive Essential Oil sample drams with doTERRA Essential Oils for our practice. 

Have access to a recording of the class for 1 week. So if you missed it, you can still practice with me. If you took the class and wanted to do the practice again, You can!!!! 

Limited Spots Available!

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