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Ready to Feel Healthier and Happier?


After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2018, I began an immediate journey to heal, to be healthier, and happier. 

Why I care so much about taking time for self-care and stress relief...

I was diagnosed with triple negative Breast Cancer at 36 years old. At the time of my diagnosis, I was very stressed, overworked, and  didn’t schedule enough time to sleep or practice self-care of any kind. The instant I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I knew it was my wakeup call and it was time to change. 
My doctors were amazed how well I did with all of my treatments and I owe it to my yoga, meditation and self-care practice I developed. I was able to remain positive, feel happy, and live without stress during my diagnosis and treatment. I had a lot of work to do after chemo to rebuild my health and happy to say my bloodwork, how I feel and look are all amazing. I now feel so much more gratitude in life and in my relationships along with remaining stress free. I am also stronger and more flexible so my body doesn't feel the side effects from chemo or long hours on a computer. I would love to share how to become the Healthier, Happier You. 


Get healthier and happier with my style of yoga,
healthy clean eating, and self-care tips. 

I will help you get stronger safely, increase flexibility, and make healthier choices
for your body.

When your body and mind are balanced, 
you are going to feel healthier and happier.

Janet Baskinger

It's really making a huge difference in my overall

Jan Price

It's never routine or boring. 

Eleanor Banister

Cari is one  of the most versatile and inventive yoga instructors I’ve worked with.

I maximize your time.
You can do all of this at home
or your office. 

What is included in the membership?
  • Experience a challenging workout and amazing stretch every Tues. via zoom 12:45pm - 1:30pm EST with Replay 

  • A unique experience where we connect live every week cultivating community

  • Option to choose to incorporate light weights and resistance loops during live class if you prefer an added challenge

  • Enjoy the benefit of submitting one Special Video Request each month, which  will be added to our on-demand library for your exclusive access

  • Discover wholesome recipes & explore techniques to detoxify your living space for a healthier lifestyle (Coming soon!)

  • Experience accountability as I guide you through your wellness journey

  • Benefit from a well-organized scheduled optimizing your time and health benefits

Join our Vibrant Community 

Scroll through the membership with me!
Take a stretch beak with me!
Here is a peak at a yoga class with me!

Is this Membership for Me?

This membership is perfect for you if you are a busy professional, mom, or someone seeking more wellness! The YogaOn classes are for all levels including beginners and I offer modifications to help with safe stretching and strengthening for all levels. I also share with you how to eat cleanly and use products that don't have chemicals.   I save you time with organized videos for you to do on your own time. LIve class each week and if you are unable to attend the live zoom class, there is a replay available for you. 

Live class Tuesdays @ 12:45pm-1:30pm EST


Yoga Thumbnails (11).png

Is this a one time fee? 

This is a monthly membership that is paid via automatic payment every month. You can cancel anytime. 


Do I have to be good at yoga? 

I specialize in working with all levels and teach you how to breathe to de-stress and increase flexibility.  I help you make your practice your own. I am not a teacher that aims for coverworthy instagram yoga poses. I am passionate about helping you de-stress and feel better in your body and mind. 

I can't touch my toes so does that mean I am not ready?

You do not have to touch your toes to do yoga. I also share with you how to use props so you can bring the floor closer to you making it safer and more fun!

What if I can't make the live zoom class?

You do not have to attend the live weekly zoom class to benefit from this membership. There is a replay available for you so you can take the class whatever time works with your scheudle. 


Can I be brand new to yoga? 

Absolutely! I specialize working with beginners and this will be a great membership for you! I even have Yoga 101 Videos in the Yoga Video Library that you can take has many times as you like to familiarize yourself with the practice.  

Only $67 a month
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