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Want to feel less stressed and have more
flexibility in your body and life? 


You are in the right place. I will help you relieve stress, get more energy naturally, & calm your mind while safely increasing flexibility and strength.  Doesn't it sound amazing to have all of this and you don't even have to leave your house? 

Why I care so much about taking time for stress relief:

I was diagnosed with triple negative Breast Cancer at 36 years old. At the time of my diagnosis, I was very stressed, overworked, and  didn’t schedule enough time to sleep or practice self-care of any kind. The instant I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I knew it was my wakeup call and it was time to change.  My doctors were amazed how well I did with all of my treatments and I owe it to my yoga, meditation and self-care practice I developed. I was able to remain positive, feel happy, and live without stress during my diagnosis and treatment. I had a lot of work to do after chemo to rebuild my health and happy to say my bloodwork, how I feel and look are all amazing. I now feel so much more gratitude in life and in my relationships along with remaining stress free. I am also stronger and more flexible so my body doesn't feel the side effects from chemo or long hours on a computer. I would love to share YogaOn with Cari with you. 


Relieve stress with me and then feel more present
with yourself, friends,& family.

Not only will you feel less stressed, enjoy increased flexibility in a way you didn't think you could along with easing tension & pain in neck, shoulders, and back. 

I give you the space to practice self-care which is one of the best gifts I could ever give you and that you can give yourself. 

What is included in the membership?
  • 3 Yoga Classes a Week (2 Videos, & 1 Live Zoom Class,  Thursdays 12pm EST with Replay available)

  • On Demand YogaOn Video Library 

  • Bonus Material

  • Wonderful Community of Yogis

  • Accountability with me

  • Opportunity to request what you want to focus on in our live yoga class and for the recorded content

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Janet Baskinger

It's really making a huge difference in my overall

Jan Price

It's never routine or boring. 

Eleanor Banister

Cari is one  of the most versatile and inventive yoga instructors I’ve worked with.

Want a sneak peak? Click to watch a preview
of one of the membership videos:

Is this Membership for Me?

This membership is perfect for you if you are a busy professional or overachiever and would like to de-stress, safely stretch and increase strength with structure, accountability, and community.  These yoga classes are for all levels including beginners and I offer modifications to help with safe stretching and strengthening for all levels.  I save you time by sending out 2 weekly videos for you to do on your own that you will schedule and then we  meet Thursdays 12pm EST for the live class.

If you are unable to attend the live zoom class, there is a replay available for you. 


This membership is not for you if you are interested in practicing power yoga  and learning advanced poses such as headstand. 

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Is this a one time fee? 

This is a monthly membership that is paid via automatic payment every month. You can cancel anytime. 


Do I have to be good at yoga? 

I specialize in working with all levels and teach you how to breathe to de-stress and increase flexibility.  I help you make your practice your own. I am not a teacher that aims for coverworthy instagram yoga poses. I am passionate about helping you de-stress and feel better in your body and mind. 

What if I can't make the live zoom class?

You do not have to attend the live weekly zoom class to benefit from this membership. There is a replay available for you so you can take the class whatever time works with your scheudle. 


Can I be brand new to yoga? 

Absolutely! I specialize working with beginners and this will be a great membership for you! I even have Yoga 101 Videos in the Yoga Video Library that you can take has many times as you like to familiarize yourself with the practice.  

Can I take private sessions with you and join the membership at the same time?

Absolutely! I encourage both actually because we can have our one-on-one sessions and work on your specific goals and you can get extra practice with the membership!

Only $75 a month
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