*When booking group privates or privates sessions, please call/text  if it less than 12 hours. 


When purchasing a gift visit the Plans/Pricing Page.  Sign up with the recipient's email and create a password that you will share with them. You can also call/email me to pay me directly via Paypal.

A trick to help you set up for your zoom yoga practice. 

Basic Zoom Etiquette

Yoga Prop Ideas 

Yoga Benefits

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Thank you for choosing YogaOn with Cari! By supporting me, you are supporting a small business and my years of dedication to this practice. This is an energetic exchange between us. I am guiding you to heal, de-stress, and feel better in your mind and body, and you are receiving the transformation you want to go through. I am proud of you for taking steps for this transformation and to be your guide. 

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