Hello, I am Cari and I am very passionate about sharing yoga to de-stress, to find calm, and gain strength. I teach yoga, meditation and throw in pilates or barre work for fun!

I know first-hand how healing movement, yoga and meditation can be and I am honored to share that with you. I am a breast cancer survivor and yoga and meditation were both a huge part in my healing process. I am now a trained Oncology Yoga For Cancer Teacher and focus on guiding women that have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. 


I have taught vinyasa style yoga for over 7 years and take pride in sharing a fun balanced class that is also challenging. I will give you a workout, help with proper alignment, stretching, breath work, and meditation.

I love yoga for many reasons such as it gives me a space to heal,  allows me to tap into deeper creativity, improves focus, heps me relax, I feel happier, and also allows me to be ok with discomfort during difficult times.


I teach because I want to share the life-changing

benefits I have received. I teach online and in-person yoga class that include: Yoga for Breast Cancer, Privates, Corporate Yoga, Yoga Parties, Wedding yoga


Please reach out with any questions,

Check out my offerings here. 

Also, I am in love with essential oils on and off my yoga mat. They are a wonderful way to lift spirits, heal, receive more energy,  boost the immune system,  improve sleep,  and replace toxic cleaning products. Please visit here for more info on adding nature's gift to your life.