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Hello, I am Cari and I am a yoga teacher that loves focusing on overall wellness. As a mom and breast cancer survivor, living a natural, healthy lifestyle is something I am very
passionate about and I love sharing all I have learned. 

I get asked a lot how I got started with yoga. I took my first class in college and I liked it. I remember falling asleep in shavasana (resting pose) because I was so sleep deprived. I attending college full time, waited tables, and tried to have a social life so there wasn't a lot of time for sleep. 

Years later I lived in NYC and an acting teacher told me I should try a yoga class. I was high strung, stressed and needed to more connected to my body. I began taking a class at a gym and moved to LA few months later and would attend random yoga classes.  A co-worker told me about a yoga studio that was opening up and offering a free month. I joined the studio and began practicing around 5 days a week. For years I cried at the end of every yoga practice. I cried because I was healing from trauma that I had not dealt with, it was stored down deep in my body and the practice helped me release it. 

I never planned to become a yoga teacher but one day in 2014 I found myself in a yoga teacher training and it happened! I was a natural teacher from the start and loved sharing with others how healing the practice can be. 

In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yoga was there for me again in a way that I am so grateful for. Yoga isn't only on the mat for me, it helps me stayed grounded and connected off of mat as well. 

My style is slower paced, but not too slow. We flow, it is a balanced class and it is also challenging. I will teach you to breathe, help you de-stress, safely stretch and increase strength. I also give you a workout with proper alignment and I never teacher the same class twice. 

Fun Facts

In addition to teaching yoga, I'm also an actress, love making videos, cooking healthy meals, and using essential oils!

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