Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are designed just for you so we can focus on your specific needs and goals to increase flexibility, strength, and to calm your mind. I offer one-on-one privates sessions, groups private sessions and specialty classes such as yoga for breast cancer and wedding yoga. 

Eleanor Banister

Cari is one  of the most versatile and inventive yoga instructors I’ve worked with.  She finds so many different ways to strike a pose and stretch and strengthen each body part that practice with her is always new and interesting and, most important, effective. The hour just flies and I’m never bored.

Hannah Lozano Agnone


It was incredible! It set such a calm and peaceful tone for the wedding day. As a bride with anxiety, I cannot stress enough how much this helped me stay chill on this day!


Interview with Dr. Sanaz Rezaei-Vaughn about how yoga has helped her grow flexible mentally and physically!

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