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Feeling Stagnant?

It happens. All of the sudden you feel weighed down or that creative energy isn't flowing. When that happens to me, I feel so much better when I go outside. I feel more connected, relaxed and energized. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found myself sitting outside a lot and having lots of quiet moments looking at worms in the grass, watching ants carry crumbs, spying squirrels chase each other up and around a tree, and listening to the birds. I needed to feel grounded to heal.

I also started doing a lot of gardening with my hands in the soil and walking barefoot in the grass. My girls and I (my two dogs), took our daily walks. My goal was to walk two miles every day. The girls were great motivators when I did not feel like it. One of my dogs loved to stop and smell everything and the other like to power through. I learned a lesson from both of them. It's important to stop and smell the flowers and when you need help, it's ok for someone or your dog to pull you along until you have your strength.

I miss both of my girls so much since they passed this year, but I still enjoy walking and sharing the adventures with our son.

This is us, creating space and energy!

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